Closure of communication channels

Game information

Greetings, Admirals!

You have been waiting patiently for news over the past four months. We want to thank you once again for supporting the game and the team in our beta phase with your enthusiasm for putting the game through its paces and providing your feedback. Since then, we have thoroughly reviewed the overall experience and the information we have drawn from it, and we have started working on profound revisions to the game.

In this process, it became clear to us that the reworked game we are aiming at will be very much different from the "Admirals: Caribbean Empires" you got to know in the past.

In fact, the changes will extend to a level where we are heading towards a completely new game! Therefore, it is with regret that we are soon going to ultimately close all our previous communication channels as a consequence. We don't want to risk confusion or create a misleading situation for gamers hoping to be able to play "Admirals: Caribbean Empires" in the future.

If you have registered for the Travian Games newsletter at some point or if you have played or preregistered for "Admirals: Caribbean Empires" in the past, you will be notified via email as soon as the new game is ready to be played.

Our website will remain available and any news about the status of our new game will also be posted there.

If you owned pearls at the end of the last round, there will still be a way to move those credits to the new game on the condition that you register with the same email address.

Our channels will be closed without further notice in the near future.

Steady winds to all of you!
Respectfully yours,
Your former "Admirals: Caribbean Empires" team